Evolve Fight Breakdown: Brutal Uppercut KO Combination at Rajadamnern Stadium

Kumandoi’s Uppercut Combination at Rajadamnern Stadium 

All it takes is one second for everything to go south.

Kumandoi’s opponent, Morakot, hopped into range with a teep feint. However, this technique backfired. Kumandoi pounced on his opponent and finished him with a brutal combination.

It’s something to be hit, but it’s quite another to be hit while off balance. This, therefore, teaches us how we can create brutal damage with only a few strikes. It teaches us how to get the finish. Off-balancing the opponent may be as simple as pushing your opponent away or pulling them forward. If you would like evidence of the power of off-balancing, look no further than Peter Aerts who, to my knowledge, has more head kick KOs than anyone else in elite-level kickboxing or even combat sports.

If you can land a head kick by off-balancing an opponent, then what can’t you land? Take a deeper look at Morakot’s fight ending miscalculation and at the importance of balance in the Evolve MMA video below:

Ever lose your balance after a low kick? Well, now you never will. A simple mistake can end a fight at any second. Even if you’re off-balance for a split second, the fight can turn in an instant. We must, therefore, do our best to prevent ourselves from losing our balance and thus losing the fight.

What better way than to avoid losing than to tag on a technique that will certainly help bring you the win?

Muay Thai Basics: Missed Low Kick to Side Kick

Yes, there is spinning shit in Muay Thai. And though flashy techniques may seem useless and awful for your balance, they can be great techniques for pushing your opponent back.

One example is Conor McGregor. Conor loves to have his opponent’s back against the cage. Think back to his UFC debut against Marcus Brimage, his demolition of Denis Siver, his KO of Dustin Poirier, and his comeback against Chad Mendes. Where were each of these opponents when and before they were finished? With their backs against the cage.

But how does Conor McGregor get them there? With mad spinning shit. Flair has its use, and we will dive deep into it in this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Advanced Attacks in Muay Thai

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