Evolve Fight Breakdown: Brutal Elbow KO Sends Opponent Flying

Analysis Pet-U-Tong’s Elbow KO

If you’re an MMA fan, you’ll no doubt remember how Johnny Hendricks used to send opponent’s flying with his left hand. Pet-U-Tong does the same with his right elbow.

This fight displays the unpredictability of the fight game. Kaiumukkao, Pet-U-Tong’s opponent, had Pet-U-Tong leaning against the ropes, one of the worst positions for any fighter to be in, yet was slept by an elbow from hell.

This end combination is also a display of the power of calm. The best fighters in the world must be a calm fighter. If you lose your head, you lose tactic and strategy. When Pet-U-Tong was being blitzed by his opponent, he kept calm. He had his arms out to defend punches and measure distance. He judged that his opponent  would continue moving forward until they were in clinching range, so he decided to lead the dance with a brutal elbow that sends Kaiumukkao crashing down to the mat.

For the full finish, check out the Evolve MMA video below:

There is no better place to ingrain habits than in pad work. Sparring is about testing habits. Pad work is about building them.

What helped Pet-U-Tong get the finish was his calm and footwork. He was able to move backwards while still defending himself and taking zero damage. His calm was what enabled him to defend himself so intelligently. To be calm is to have access to the habits you’ve built in sparring, not the animal instincts of your personality.

Great fighters are calm: Saenchai, Giorgio Petrosyan, Samart Payakaroon, Anderson Silva, Conor McGregor, etc.

Use the Thai pads to practice movement and calm.

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Great fights are great chess matches. And what better chess match is there than one between the best in the world and the second best?

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