Eva María Naranjo (Spain) – A Queen in a Man’s World

Interview With Spanish Champion Eva Maria Naranjo

The following post is a translatedEva María Naranjo (Spain)  muay thai interview from spanish Muay Thai website – www.muaythaipro.info

Eva María Naranjo was born on the 10/07/1978 in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) and now lives in La Nucia (Alicante), she started practicing in the year 1999 in the Maengho gym in Benidorm with trainer Eduardo Jose Martín.

So far she has a record of 99 fights, 87 victories 15 by ko, 2 draws and 10 losses. She has 9 Spanish titles, 5 European titles (Full Contact, Kickboxing and Muay Thai), 1 sport accord Beijing 2010 and 4 World titles (Full Contact, Kickboxing and Muay Thai). In September she hopes to participate in the European IFMA tournament and from there on continue every month in boxing, while the Spanish National Boxing team counts on her.

Eva’s dream is to go to the Olympic games of 2016 in Brazil and to be able to reach this, she needs to train hard. It will be very tough, but definitely possible and a good way to end her career as a fighter. At the moment she is also teaching in the Maengho La Nucia gym (Alicante).

A Queen in a Man’s World

More than a queen, Eva María Naranjo feels like a great fighter, who loves and has passion for the world of martial arts and contact sports. However she does appreciate that many people see her as a queen, while this shows they value the path she has walked as an athlete.

The Muay Thai Path

Eva’s path started in the year 1999 in the Maengho gym in Benidorm, Spain, with Master Eduardo José Martín practicing his Viet-Boxing style, a style he created. In the year 2000 she started competing in whatever style possible, Full contact, kickboxing or Muay Thai, while it was difficult to find opponents, but always training and believing in becoming a champion.During all those years she represented Spain in many international Events, achieving great results, which is even more difficult when not fighting at home.

Her passion has always been with Muay Thai – this is why she has participated in so many seminars of great masters and professional fighters. She also has had the opportunity to go to Thailand on three occasions and she can truly say that it’s an amazing martial art full of passion. At the moment she only fights in either Muay Thai or Boxing.

Thoughts Of Her Friends

Eva hardly sees her friends, but they appreciate the hard work she does and understand what kind of sacrifice it requires. They say that they are not able to do what she does, with such a discipline, but they love to see her fights and be there for her, which is becoming more and more difficult as most of her fights lately are far away from home.

Muay Thai Future For Women

Eva Maria Naranjo thinks that the future for women looks great, because each day more and more women practice Muay Thai. That being said, she believes that it is necessary to promote even more this great art to women so they will be even more motivated to try it out.

Eva María Naranjo (Spain)  muay thaiShe would like to motivate the ladies not to hold back and give training a try without worrying that they will get hurt. The great thing about this sport is that you will become stronger and stronger with every training session; the best thing to do is take that first step and try a class.


Consistency and discipline is what will get you where you want to go or will help you reach your dreams. The start is the most difficult thing and Muay Thai or whichever contact sport’s competition is very hard, if it is for a hobby it’s great, but for competition you need to train hard, force yourself and sacrifice to achieve your goals after. Would you like to know more about Eva María Naranjo, visit her Facebook page here. 

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