Eric Haycraft Talks GLORY Kickboxing, Dutch Style Training, Developing an Amateur Career and a TON more.

Muay Thai Guy Podcast Episode #45

Interview With Eric Haycraft

eric haycraft real fighters gym

Eric Haycraft (left) and one of his top fighter Adam Edgerton (right) taking home another WKA title belt. Photo Credit: Steve Bauzen

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this was the most informative, insightful and intriguing podcast I’ve done to date. Eric Haycraft has been a kickboxing nerd and fight fanatic for longer than I’ve been alive and his involvement with the sports growth here in America has been HUGE.

Eric is a talent agent for GLORY and his job is to find US talent to showcase on the world stage. He gives insight on what he looks for in potential GLORY fighters, and also shares his advice on what steps you should take in order to stand out from the crowd so that one day you can have the chance to fight on the biggest kickboxing organization in the world!

Besides working for GLORY, Eric also runs one of the best Muay Thai and kickboxing programs in the states. His gym “Real Fighters” in Louisville, Kentucky routinely produces top amateur talent that brings home belts in nearly every tournament they take part in. I get to pick his brain about what kind of training his fighters go through, his philosophy on sparring, and much more.

I’m telling you, do not miss this episode because it’s LOADED with knowledge. Besides what I mentioned before, Eric and I also discuss a lot of other topics like:

semmy schilt and eric haycraft

Heavyweight legend Semmy Schilt and Eric Haycraft at a GLORY show here in the US.

  • The beginnings of GLORY and how he got involved with the organization.
  • Why kickboxing and Muay Thai are two different sports and what the differences between them are.
  • The rules of GLORY and what judges look for when scoring fights.
  • How building an amateur career is crucial for any fighter, especially here in America.
  • Why an amateur record matters and why you should care about winning and losing.
  • What kind of characteristics and fighting style he looks for when searching out new talent.
  • How GLORY and the UFC can help each other continue to grow, and how there is potential to make a decent living off of kickboxing (if you work hard enough).
  • The type of training program he puts his fighters through to be prepared for a fight.
  • His philosophy on why sparring hard multiple times a week is beneficial for his fighters.
  • The difference between “Dutch style” and “Thai style” kick boxing, and why he prefers Dutch.
  • And much, much more!

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