5 Devastating Elbow KO Combos

Deadly Muay Thai Elbow Combinations

Who doesn’t love a good elbow?

Most of us do, but our man Chris Mauceri loves them more than most. Chris Mauceri’s knowledge and ability to land brutal elbows at will is something to behold, and today we behold it to you.

Elbow finishes can come from cuts or knockouts, and elbows themselves can come from any angles, be they from inside the clinch to outside of it, from spear elbows to the wild Tony Jaa jumping downward elbow.

Having all these elbow options might seem overwhelming, but that’s what Mauceri is here for. He has elbow combinations for days and demonstrates the efficiency and deadly effectiveness of elbows for you to get clean and swift knockouts.

5 Devastating Muay Thai Elbow KO Combos

The trick of landing any technique is finding yourself in the right position. Positioning enables you to maximize your power while minimize the damage being dealt to you. If you’re off in your positioning, your strikes will be null and void.

However, every now and then we need to “introduce a little anarchy.” Such is the case with the flying knee. It’s a wild technique that can be thrown to great efficiency with the aid of a push.

When you push your opponent, he’ll be off-balanced. When he’s off-balanced, he’ll have to drop his hands to find balance. When he drops his hands to find balance…you jump and knee his head into the high heavens.

The Flying Knee Strike | Advanced Muay Thai Technique

The clinch is the home of the knee and elbow. However, when pitted against one another, which one wins? Well, it is once again a matter of position. Now let’s just see how much position matters…through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Karuhat Sor Supawan: The Genius’ Elbow Against Knee Specialist | Lawrence Kenshin

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