EPIC Double KO | Legendary Muay Thai Fight Breakdown

Iconic Double Knockdown Between Two Muay Thai Legends

What happens when two legendary Muay Thai champions throw BOMB left hooks at one another at the same time?

In this case, the extremely rare (and awesome) double KO knockout happens!

Ramon Dekkers and Rayen Simson were two BEASTLY Dutch Muay Thai fighters who were on a crash course to fight each other in their home country of the Netherlands. When they stepped into the ring to throw down there were a number of techniques, tactics and strategies these fighters used that led to the iconic double knockdown.

This Muay Thai fight breakdown will analyze the fight at it’s core.

You’ll get a closer look at the specific Muay Thai techniques and tactics that these top Thai boxers used in their prime.

Now watch and see this crazy double KO!

EPIC Double KO | Legendary Muay Thai Fight Breakdown

You probably know (or, SHOULD know) who Ramon Dekkers is, right?

He’s an 8-time Muay Thai world champion and a pioneer of the sport being one of the first foreign fighters to go to Thailand and beat a number of top level fighters at the great Lumpinee Stadium. He trained under the great Cor Hemmers who is now the head matchmaker of GLORY Kickboxing and was also a good friend and training partner of Mr. Low Kick, Rob Kaman

One of his most notable accomplishments was during his epic rivalry against living legend Coban Lookchaomaesaitong which ultimately changed the course of history for the sport.

After being stopped in the first round by Coban’s left hook, Dekkers came back with fire in his eyes and something to prove. He changed the direction of the sport and made history in the rematch by knocking out Coban (who’s never been KO’ed before) with a WICKED flurry of powerful punches.

If you haven’t seen the breakdown of this historical matchup by my buddy Lawrence Kenshin, you’re gonna want to check it out:

Dekkers vs. Coban: “The Fight That Changed The World”

Now on the other side of the ring, was explosive Dutch fighter Rayen Simson.

Simson is a 7-time world champion and climbed the rankings of Lumpinee, getting as high as #2 in a division stacked with absolute savages.

I absolutely LOVE his style of fighting because of how dynamic and explosive his movements are. He’s light on his feet, constantly switching stances and throwing bombs from all sorts of angles trying to get the KO.

I actually had the chance to chat with Rayen on my podcast to talk about his career and this iconic moment between him and Ramon Dekkers… click here to check it out.

More Muay Thai Techniques, Tactics and Strategies

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