Discovering the Real Thailand: Sparring Buakaw & Training at Banchamek Gym

 Visiting the Gym of the Most Famous Muay Thai Fighter of All Time

In episode #2 of Discovering The Real Thailand, Andy Tiet settles into Bangkok and scopes out his potential training options before deciding to take a taxi cab across the busy city to train at the world famous Banchamek Gym with Buakaw INCLUDING an epic sparring session with the legend himself!

But before all of that, Andy hits the streets of Bangkok via Tuk Tuk to explore the local markets for some good eats and to visit a few history rich temples before cruising down the Bangkok river by long-tailed boat!

Home of the most famous Muay Thai fighter in all of history, Banchamek Gym is at the top of the food chain. Andy Tiet was, as you would expect, extremely nervous yet excited, kinda like going on your first date…except your date is a Muay Thai legend, whom you will be sparring with later. Andy Tiet was part of Buakaw’s boxing shark tank.

But before all that, Andy began with a 5-7 km run with the Banchamek team. Getting to run with the most famous Muay Thai fighter in Thailand was surreal for him. Imagine what it would be like jogging with Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt in the US and you get the idea.

After those glorious kilometers, it was time for Andy to strap on his gloves and get ready to spar Buakaw. See the results for yourself in the video below:

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. That is why Buakaw is such a celebrity.

Buakaw brought Muay Thai into K-1 and showed its effectiveness to the rest of the world. However, though Buakaw is responsible for introducing Muay Thai to the world, there are many more legends who are committed to perfecting the craft.

It is possible to visit Thailand just as Andy has, and it is possible to train with legends just as Andy has. In fact, it has never been easier. Take a look below and see what I mean.

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