A Tribute To Dieselnoi: The Greatest Knee Specialist

Muay Thai Video Breakdown and Highlight of Dieslenoi by Lawrence Kenshin

Dieselnoi was one of the most dominating, intimidating fighters from the “Golden Era” of Muay Thai.

His knees are some of the most lethal strikes you’ll ever seen thrown in a ring and his entire skill set as a fighter is hard to match. There’s very scarce video of this beast doing his thing, but fortunately for us, Lawrence Kenshin put together another beautiful work of art of Dieslnoi’s legacy.

Take a look at Dieselnoi, one of the best Muay Thai fighters who have ever lived, and make sure to give Lawrence Kenshin some love on his youtube channel and his Facebook page!

Dieselnoi Muay Thai Highlight

If you want to learn how to throw knees with solid technique, check out this spear knee tutorial from my Clinch King video series. Also, click here if you want to watch more awesome Muay Thai related videos.

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