DESTRUCTIVE Uppercut Combos

5 Brutally Brilliant Uppercut Pairings

The uppercut is a spectacular finishing technique. However, it is one that’s often misunderstood or misinterpreted.

One common mistake people make with the uppercut is that they throw their body weight “up.” This makes sense, of course- it’s an “upper” cut, after all. But that’s not the way uppercuts are meant to be thrown nor how punching power is generated.

One of the main contributors to punching power is the hip. Proper torque in hip and core generates power. If you pivot your foot, or torque your hip, or twist your hips just right, you will generate power. Do not push yourself up as if standing on your tip toes. Focus on twisting the hip and moving your body weight from leg to leg just as you would with any punch.

Keep the above in mind as you watch the below Evolve MMA video:

BOXING: 5 Explosive Uppercut KO Combinations! | Evolve University

Uppercuts As Setups

The uppercut is indeed a great finishing technique. It’s also a great setup.

In boxing, one core use of the uppercut is to move your opponent’s head. If you bounce his head up, you’ve compromised his balance for a moment.

This is a sweet advantage in boxing. In Muay Thai, however, this is a gigantic advantage. This creates room for head kicks, low kicks, knees, elbows, and everything in between. It’s a simple principle: if you can move your opponent’s head, you can destroy their equilibrium. Think of it this way (or you can try this exercise for real):

Imagine standing beside someone and placing your finger horizontally under their nose as if it’s a finger mustache. Now, could they possibly move forward? No. The body may move, but the head will fall back and the person will fall over.

Is this because the finger is so powerful? Nope. Again, it’s simple. If you can move your opponent’s head, you can destroy their balance. Use the uppercut and move some heads.

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