Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke: My Life as a Fighter

The Technical Master With Quick Hands and Lightning Feet

dejdamrongsoramnuaysirichok-fpIn Thailand, Muay Thai is as much about fighting inside the ring as outside the ring. The stories of the great Krus and gloried fighters of Thailand are endless underdog stories, perhaps proving Chatri Sityodtong’s idea “that martial arts is the greatest platform to unleash human potential.”

Dejdamrong has been unleashing his potential since he was 9 years old. He is now 37 years of age (turning 38 on the 7th of November), and his career both in Muay Thai and MMA is an absolute inspiration.

Dejdamrong’s training began as play. He’d gather with some neighboring kids, and they’d play fight. They had their own “camp” of sorts where they would train. Though their training seldom  went beyond shadowboxing and practicing jabs and crosses, he had fun.

After a year passes, Dejdamrong steps into the ring for the first time under the name Damrong (his name was misheard, because his name is actually Tamrong). This was a blessing in disguise because his mother, who didn’t approve of him fighting, didn’t get a chance to find out his son was fighting until he was already under the bright lights and performing the wai kru.

Dejdamrong won his first fight and has been fighting ever since. Along with his fighting, he was also had at work in his schooling. He knew that university meant more opportunities, so his life consisted of fighting, then giving his winnings to his family, and then studying to accomplish his dream of graduation from university.

During this time, Dejdamrong had moved from training with his friends to training in Lookbanyai. His time there was had simultaneously the most grueling experiences of his life, but also some of his best years. The training was meant to break him, but his fellow training partners helped raise him up each time and assured him that training would not be this hard forever. Moreover, the camp owner acted as a father and always made sure they were resting well, eating well, and getting their schooling.

It is easy to see how Dejdamrong’s training environment has now shaped him as a person. One of his goals was to build a house for his mother and father, and he has now accomplished that and so much more. His family has a great house to live in, and his children have cars to drive.

Dejdamrong is as much a fighting man as he is a family man. This, of course, makes him invaluable as an instructor in Evolve MMA in Singapore. Because fighting, as Dejdamrong has proven, is much more about one person, it’s about family, the family at home and the family in the gym.

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