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Custom Mouth Guards Reviews

What Type Of Mouth Guard Should You Get?

Check Out The Best Custom Mouth Guards For Comfort, Protection and Breathing

Custom mouth guards are by far the best, safest and most comfortable type of mouth guards you can buy for your MMA, boxing or muay thai training.

Without a great custom mouth guard you are much more likely to chip your teeth, get knocked out or bite your tongue off. So If you plan on taking any sport seriously (especially a combat sport like MMA, boxing or muay thai) then you need to best protection that provides comfort for your mouth and teeth!

Check out these 2 user reviews on the best custom mouthguards for muay thai, MMA and boxing!

The Best Custom Mouthguard Reviews

Shock Doctor Custom Mouth Guards

If you are looking for the BEST mouth guard to protect your teeth, then a custom made shock doctor mouth guard is the best way to go hands down. It’s made for comfort, protection, safety and to allow easy breathing.

I use this mouth guard in my MMA and muay thai training so I can personally recommend it to anyone looking for the best protection and comfort in a mouth guard!

Shock doctor custom mouth guard


  • Comfortable
  • Custom Fit
  • Dissipates Shock Well
  • Easy To Breath
  • Tight and Comfortable
  • Great worth the money


  • Nothing really

Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguards are designed and individually made from a custom mold at Shock Doctor’s dental lab.

Every mold and finished custom mouthguard is personally inspected by a dental professional to ensure flawless construction and the best possible fit.

One of the coolest and best things when you buy this Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguard is that you are supported with a $30,000 dental warranty! Not to mention they include a free Ultra STC mouthguard to use while you are waiting for your custom mouthguard.

Over 190 custom color combinations available to customize with your choice of color and text!

Click here to buy or check out more reviews for the Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguards!

Customer Reviews:

“I do muay thai, mma, and grappling. This mouthpiece has been a God send. I have a false tooth had to have a quality mouthpiece to prevent expensive dental bills and this mouthpiece has passed test three months and counting.”

“This mouthguard could not fit and feel any better. I have never even owned a mouthpiece that comes close to this. Very comfortable, easy to speak and breathe. You forget you even have anything in your mouth.”

Fight Dentist Custom Mouth Guards

fight dentist custom mouth guardsA Fight Dentist custom mouthguard is another great mouth guard for the best protection and comfort. You know Fight Dentist makes great mouth guards if they are officially licensed as the mouthguard of the UFC and have created custom mouthguards for such clientele as: The Ultimate Fighter contestants, Dana White (UFC President), Forrest Griffin, Frank Mir, Joe Stevenson and many others!


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great Design
  • Practical
  • Retains Shape
  • Washes Well
  • Well Made


  • Mediocre JAWZZ Artwork

PolyShoK Co-Polymer Mouthguard Technology provides improved shock absorption which can result in less destructive forces being transferred to dental structures, fewer oral-fascial injuries, and less concussions.

Helps create softer, better fitting, more comfortable mouthguards more likely to be in proper position and ready when unexpected impacts occur.

Within 10-14 days, you will receive your custom mouthguards that’s fitted just for your teeth!

Customer Reviews:

“A lot easier to make the mold then I thought. Fits great, easy to breath. Graphics are crazy. I asked for regular teeth and in return I got a guard that looks like real teeth when i put it in. My instructor is always telling me to put my mouthpiece in, when its already in. I can’t say enough about this, will be buying another soon.”

“I got the Jawzz upgrade and the graphics came out very nice. Just the way I wanted. The fit was perfect to. Fits like a glove. Well worth buying.”

Click here to buy or check out more reviews on the Fight Dentist Custom Mouthguards!

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