Cross-Face Clinch Defense with Kru Pong

Clinch Technique to Blind Your Opponent and Land Knees

The clinch is an art unique to Muay Thai.

Sure, there’s clinching in boxing, but the variables, though still many, are fewer than a clinch in Muay Thai. This is enough to scare one away from training the clinch.

However, I believe that the core principles of regular striking (striking at arm’s-length distance) still apply. As the saying goes, the goal in all striking-based combat sports is “hit and don’t get hit.” Striking or clinching, “hit and don’t get hit” is the goal. The goal is the same, and the methods only differ slightly.

In striking, the best thing you can do, besides knocking your opponent out, is blind your opponent. Another common saying is that the strike you don’t see coming will be the one which knocks you out. In the below video, Kru Pong from Khongsittha demonstrates a simple clinch technique that will simultaneously blind your opponent and put you in a position to land knees with little energy expenditure:

Cross-Face Clinch Defense with Kru Pong

In your first clinch lessons, you are more than likely taught how to move your opponent around to land strikes. A double collar tie with a simple pivot is enough to pull your opponent with you.

This technique often practiced in the clinch is an extension of the simple idea that controlling one part of your opponent’s body (double collar tie controls the most important part of anyone’s body: the head) means control of your opponent’s entire body.

Now, instead of applying striking principles to clinching, we shall apply clinching principles to striking. We will start with what is simplest and most common: how can I get the knockout when I’ve caught my opponent’s kick?

Catch and Counter Techniques for Muay Thai

Kru Pong is one of many great coaches you will meet at Thailand Training Camp. Each coach will have a different specialty; therefore, it will be incredibly easy for anyone who steps into Khongsittha to round out their Muay Thai game.

Looking to find a boxing beast? Check. Need an expert kicker? Handled. Need a clinching wizard? No problem.

But, I must say, the expert Muay Thai instruction provided is but one perk of Thailand Training Camp. Thailand Training Camp is an opportunity to train with the best in the business, but it is also the chance to meet new people, eat amazing food, watch great fights, and shake hands with legends like Saenchai or Buakaw.

In short, Thailand Training Camp is an experience you’ll never forget.

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