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How To Catch, Counter and Sweep Your Opponent’s Teep

Getting teeped straight in the sternum hurts a lot more than most fighters make it look. Not only does it knock the wind out of you, but it always stops your forward momentum. Being able to catch and counter the teep is a great way to score point on your opponent and make them think twice before teeping you again!

Here are the 3 catch counters to the teep as shown in the video above:

  1. Catch and Hook – Your lead hand grabs underneath your opponents teep as you hold on top of his foot with your rear hand. As you drop your opponents leg, slightly turn your body as you load up your hook. Once you let go of your opponents foot, throw the hook straight at the chin. Watch guys like Coban use this same exact technique in this Lawrence Kenshin striking breakdown.
  2. Catch and Sweep – Use the same hand positioning to snatch your opponents teep. Pull your opponents foot toward your lead side as you swing behind and sweep out his post leg.
  3. Catch and Pull – Grab your opponents teep and then pull and lift as your toss your opponent to the ground.

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Dig these teep counters? Comment below and let me know which technique you think is the best! Also, make sure to share it with your training partners and instructors so you can try it out during your next training session.

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