COUNTER The Left Power Kick

Shut Down Southpaws’ Bread & Butter

Everyone hates facing southpaws. Even southpaws hate facing southpaws.

Today we’re learning the counter to the favorite technique of all southpaws — the southpaw left kick.

Mirko Cro Cop has annihilated his opponents with it;  Yodsanklai has cracked his opponents into new dimensions with it; and Samkor, the king of the left kick, has many times spammed his left kick like Chun Li.

We’re going to shut that down.

Before the video, know that the simplest way to stop the left kick is to never let it happen in the first place. Southpaws want lead foot dominance. Once their lead foot is on the outside, their rear side is now aligned with their opponent’s center line, meaning that the distance required to reach the target has shortened dramatically. Pay close attention to when the southpaw attempts to sneak the lead foot to the outside.

However, prevention is not enough. We need a cure — no, a vaccination to obliterate that left kick.


Muay Thai: How To Counter A Southpaw’s Left Kick | Evolve University

Everything a southpaw does can also be done to them. This is why we’re now going to turn the tables and return the favor with our own rear kicks.

But here’s another twist: Now that we’ve established a pattern, we’re going to break it. And with that, we will break our opponent.

Enter the push kick.

Muay Thai Southpaw Setup: Fake Roundhouse to Rear Push Kick

The honor of greatest southpaw left power kicker of all time goes to Samkor, the three-time Lumpinee Stadium Champion.

Samkor possesses the hardest left kick in Muay Thai, and he abuses this advantage like no other. He throws his left kick as often as most fighters jab; therefore, there is much data to analyze and much to be learned.

Samkor Tribute: The Ferocious Left-Kick Legend

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