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Cosmo Out, JWP Set To Fight New Opponent For Powerplay 22

Coming from John Wayne Parr’s Facebook Page:

“10 weeks I have trained my ass off preparing for my fight Friday. Worked out I have ran close to 1000km focusing on defending my world title. Unfortunately Cosmo didn’t apply for his visa in time and was denied. Thanks to joe & Demi working tirelessly, they have found me a replacement with Brad Riddell from New Zealand. Same Game plan, just new face.”

First off, that totally sucks that we won’t be able to see JWP and Cosmo face-off for the 3rd time to settle the score. At least someone stepped up to fight JWP, but who is his new opponent and does he have any kind of chance?

Who is Brad Riddell?

From the quick research I’ve done, it looks like Riddell is a young, up and coming muay thai boxer out of Academy of Combat in New Zealand. His fight videos aren’t anything spectacular and it looks like the biggest fights he had was against a shaolin monk, Yi Long, in China. Out of all the fights I’ve checked out, he has shown that he is a well-rounded fighter, but doesn’t look like he’ll stand much of a chance against a world class caliber fighter like John Wayne Parr… you never know though!

Yi Long Vs. Brad Riddell Rematch.

Brad Riddell Interview

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