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Commentating On Future Plans

Life has been crazy recently, I don’t even know where to start. Between getting prepared to move out of my NYC apartment, doctors appointments and family obligations, it’s been difficult to find time to train… I’m sure you can relate.

sean fagan and phoenix carnevale

Phoenix and I looking all fly.

Even though things have been hectic recently, I was lucky enough to sit ringside at the Take On XXIV fights and commentate alongside my friend, and former podcast interviewee, Phoenix Carnevale. It was my second time commentating and I’m sure I had my screw ups, but for the most part I think I did pretty well for a newb. It helped that Phoenix knew what she was doing, so I just followed her lead and tried to sound smart whenever it was my time to put in my two cents.

The coolest thing about being a commentator is interacting and talking with the fighters before, during and after the fights. I knew most of the fighters and got to meet some fans and Facebook friends that I haven’t been able to meet in person until then.

One of the fighters that I got to meet was Cornell Ward, who ended up losing his fight but showed a tremendous amount of heart against a really tough, undefeated opponent in Joel Estevez. Anyway, the reason he stood out was because he went out of his way to tell me how big of a fan he was of the podcast and how it’s helped kept him motivated to train. Having guys like Cornell and others tell me how my website or podcast has helped them in one way or another is very humbling and keeps me motivated to stick with it.

The night ended with a perfectly executed spinning heel kick KO by Cyrus Washington that left his opponent, James Martinez, throwing up his pre-fight meal on the canvas… it was pretty brutal stuff. As the crowd filed out, I headed to catch the subway back home, and waited outside in the freezing cold for what seemed like forever. When I got home at about 4am, I felt like I was getting sick, and sure enough, I woke up next morning with a bad cold… I hate the fucking winter.

Next on my list to do was driving upstate for a 2nd opinion on the condition of my arm. Previously my doctor was hopeful I would be able to start using it again in training, but after a CT scan he mentioned that it wasn’t healed enough and that it might need bone graft surgery to heal completely.

My arm looks a lot better now than it does in this picture. But this picture is pretty badass looking, so I wanted to post it.

My arm looks a lot better now than it does in this picture. But this picture is pretty badass looking, so I wanted to post it.

Oh HELL no I’m not getting another surgery.

Not only would a surgery put me out even longer, but I’m not even sure what my health insurance situation is like since it runs out at the end of 2013, and I don’t know when my insurance from Obamacare starts or what it even covers. Plus, even though I have insurance, it still costs a decent chunk of change that I can’t afford right now. Fortunately, the 2nd opinion I got was a more positive one. The doc said that if I gave it more time to heal and didn’t rush using the arm, then it should heal 100% and be good to go. Now that was the news I was looking for!

Literally as I was walking out of the doctors office with the good news, I get a text from my girlfriend Liz about the condition of her mom, who has been battling cancer since the beginning of the year. Initially we thought that the worst case scenario was that her mom would have to get her arm amputated to stop the cancer from spreading, which we were all prepared for, but we weren’t prepared to hear that the cancer has spread and is becoming increasingly aggressive.

Needless to say, this sucks. Her mom has been suffering for awhile and the cancer is slowly debilitating her day by day. Liz decided to move in with her mom and sister to take care of her while I finish up the lease in NYC until the end of January. We aren’t 100% sure what our plans are in terms of when we will be moving to Thailand, but we are willing to put off the trip if need be. The only thing we can do now is take it day by day and make the best out of a horrible situation, which is much easier said than done.

Sean and LizAlthough I can’t even imagine what losing my mom must feel like, I have lost my best friend, Devin, to a car accident and my grandma to lung cancer. What I’ve learned from both of those experiences is that death is a bitch, but it’s a part of life, and you have to learn how to deal with it in one way or another. But I know my girlfriend is strong, and I know that regardless of how hard the next few months are, she will make it through it.

One thing that I believe is super important during hard times like these is to continue to train and workout consistently. Having that physical outlet to relieve stress and take your mind off things is vital to keeping sane and having a positive mindset, no matter how tough the situation is. So although things will be rough, I know Liz and I will be alright in the long run as long as we stay active and stay positive.

So I apologize in advance if the podcasts or blog posts aren’t as consistent in the next few weeks or months, but as you can imagine, it’s going to be difficult to be on any type of set schedule with everything going on including the holidays, the new year and the move from NYC happening.

2013 has been a tough year with it’s ups and downs, but I’m hoping that 2014 will be different. All we can do is stay as positive as possible, stay productive and keep moving forward. On that note, please send good thoughts and vibes to my girlfriend and her family through the holidays. Thanks in advance for the support!

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