Combat Fight Series Supporting Fighting for Autism to Provide World Class Muay Thai Events in Australia

What Is Fighting For Autism? Fighting For Autism with the help of many businesses works with many communities and different cultures across the globe to raise autism awareness across indigenous, Islamic and Buddhist Cultures through Music, Gym and Fitness, Mixed Martial Arts, Hip Hop / Beat Box Workshops, Song Writing Classes, Weekend Camps and more.

Around the world male and female warriors of the ring and the octagon, along with many other athletes, have put up their hands to spread awareness of autism through Fighting for Autism.

Combat Fight Series- Australia vs UK has competitors coming from the UK, Thailand and all parts of Australia set to be one of the biggest shows of the year

Streaming live from the Morayfield Event Center on September 10th via from 6PM AEST

Watch some of the best up-and-coming fighters from Australia and Thailand take on the Brits with 7 exciting ISKA title bouts.

Along with the title bouts, one of the most exciting match-ups includes a state of origin fight between Queensland and New South Wales to raise awareness and donations for Fighting for Autism.

Fights start at 6pm AEST. All bouts are full Thai rules


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