Clinch Sweep Technique | How To Toss Aggressive Fighters

How To Off-Balance And Sweep An Aggressive Fighter In The Clinch

To be smothered is not fun. This sense of claustrophobia that aggressive fighters pin on us. If you’re one of the few that can find order in the chaos then good for you, however, most of us do not have that luxury. Navigating through this wild jungle is as difficult as can be. This is where counters come in.

Counter fighting may not be your personal style, but it has tricks that can be applied across the board, on any style. Counter fighters thrive on low-volume opponents, they prefer to pick and choose quality counters that all have knockout potential rather than a few  strikes that merely sting. The only problem, most will not play into your hands so easily. If you like low-volume, the opponent will go high-volume.

How, then, do we manage to reduce the volume of an opponent who will, more than anything, want to maintain a high output? Answer: the clinch.

Clinch Sweep Technique | How To Toss Aggressive Fighters

If you thrive in the clinch, then answering aggression with clinch work should be no sweat on your part. But what if your clinch game is weak? Then this is a problem that needs addressing. Turning tail and running is far from a manful scheme, so we’re going to fix this problem. Behold, techniques, tactics, and defense to last you till the new age.

Muay Thai Clinch Positioning, Tactics and Defensive Techniques

If you were but a babe in the basket when it came to the clinch, then this handy dandy breakdown from Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns will bring you to your adolescence. Let this me a tale that illustrates the far ranging utility of the clinch. You’re bound to find a planet’s worth of utility when it comes to the clinch. It’ll be your happy place…and the opponent’s hell.

Let’s observe this fight through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin (be sure to check out Lawrence’s NEW website right here), and we’ll see what can be picked up:

Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu: Drowning the Genius in the Clinch

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