Clinch Counter To Escape From The Muay Thai Plum

How To Counter The Plum Position

Don’t want to be like Rich Franklin in his first encounter with Anderson Silva? We’ve got you covered.

The clinch is what makes Muay Thai unique. It’s an entire art within another art. However, because it’s an entirely separate skill you must learn, it can be intimidating. “There’s so much to learn. Where do I even start?”

Well, let’s consider this from another perspective. An elite striker chooses to take a fight in MMA. He knows others will try to take him down, so does he begin practicing his armbars, omoplatas, and triangles? No. He begins with takedown defense. You can take the same approach to the clinch.

It’s no good to try and become Petchboonchu overnight. However, it is certainly healthy to have a neat escape tunnel where you can return to your A-game if the clinch battle is going bad. Down the road, of course, you will want to strengthen your clinch. Escapes, however great they are, are not enough. But here’s a “get out of jail free” card should you need it:

If you want to begin studying the clinch, you must first understand that the plum is not the “Thai clinch.” No matter how many times Mike Goldberg may call it that. The clinch is about as general as it gets. The clinch is the “hug” position, you could say, but it’s a dangerous damn position.

Escaping the plum is one thing. You can still end up trapped inside the clinch. In the event that you find yourself on the wrong end of the clinch, here are some techniques that will surely enable you not just a smooth escape but a chance to turn defense into offense.

Turn the tide of the fight at any instant with the below techniques:

3 Muay Thai Clinch Escapes and Defenses

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