CHOKDEE’S Leaping Left Hook KO

Chokdee Chops Down Teeto With Crisp KO

Like almost every finish in Muay Thai, this one was setup by the jab.

Chokdee has his opponent, Teeto, against the ropes. Teeto can only move forward, left or right. Chokdee is waiting cleverly to pick his shots. He feints a jab with a slight lowering of the hands and a small step forward. Teeto’s counter to his jab is a stiff arm. Chokdee sees this. It’s time to strike.

Chokdee initiates his left hook with the exact same motion as his jab. He begins lowering his hand, but instead of taking a small step forward, he leaps forward, throwing his left hook over Teeto’s stiff arm. His hook lands flush and Teeto is out.

FIGHT BREAKDOWN: Stunning Muay Thai Left Hook KO!



Sneaky Jabs

The jab is the most important and most frequently used punch in all of combat sports. Therefore, any technique that can be disguised as a jab will sneak past an opponent’s guard with ease, as we saw in the breakdown above.

Chokdee’s beautiful left hook was what got him the finish. However, there are some deeper layers of technical setup to dissect:


3 Hook, Low Kick Combinations for Muay Thai



Deadly Combo

We’ve looked at how the jab combined with a technique can wreak havoc. Now let’s see what the jab does when combined with the jab of the lower body: the teep.

The jab and teep are the safest techniques you can use, and they can also setup the deadliest finishes (as we saw above).

Let’s observe, through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin, how much damage the jab and teep can do together:


Striking Chess Masters: The Lead Side Triple Threat ft. Nong-O




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