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If you’re reading this, you understand the power of martial arts. You know how it worms its way into your life and ends up completely changing your outlook on the world.

It is easy, however, to forget what it’s like on the other side. We forget exactly how much it has changed us. Furthermore, it can be easy to forget how strong martial arts can make us. When obstacles come flying our way, they often overwhelm our mind. We’re stuck thinking about how to get out, then we’re stuck thinking about the fact that we can’t think about a proper way to get out.

If nothing else, let this Evolve MMA video be a simple reminder of the innocent beginnings of martial arts and how it can change a person. Then think on how much further it will take you in the future:



Martial arts came into his life at the age of 10, and it looks like it’s has doubled, tripled, or maybe even quadrupled his output for the rest of his life. This is why children should practice martial arts.

What all of the martial arts teach primarily is that the small can overcome the large — David can beat Goliath. This infuses any martial arts practitioner with the truth that his potential is not set in stone. It teaches you that success does not just fall from the sky, it comes from hard work.

Plus, it is a field where anyone can lose (we’ve all seen the upsets), which equally means that anyone can succeed, given that they work on it with their all. This idea of success being in reach of the one who grasps for it will work its way into every aspect of your life. You will see, truly, that you are in the driver’s seat. That’s the power of martial arts.

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