CHALAWAN’S Clinch Elbow KO

An Elbow Assassin In The Clinch

Some fighters relish an advancing foe. While Chalawan did not have his back against the ropes, he was fighting at the edges of the ring. Chamuakpet, his opponent, was looking to pressure Chalawan often and push him against the ropes or into a corner.

Chalawan had other plans. Standing at the edge of the ring, the only way out was from his right. If his opponent wanted to step back into the center of the ring, it was through Chalawan’s right side. When Chamuakpet moved forward, Chalawan threw a right elbow coming from one of two possible sides that Chamuakpet may exit. Right then and there, Chalawan landed a brutal elbow and sent Chamaukpet to the canvas.

For the full breakdown, check out the Evolve MMA video below:

MUAY THAI FIGHT BREAKDOWN: Vicious Elbow KO! | Evolve University


Control The Clinch

The clinch can be cruel. However, if you know how to manipulate it and enter it safely, it will serve you well.

The clinch is a place many retreat to if a fight is not going their way. Clinching can be a simple reset button. Think of when Shane Mosley rocked Floyd Mayweather. What did he do? Mayweather grabbed onto Mosley’s arm with both of his, simultaneously taking away half of his offense and much of his balance.

To learn how to enter the clinch safely, check out the below video from Chris Clodfelter:

Muay Thai Technique: Fake Teep to Clinch Entry


Master The Elbow

Chris Mauceri has some of the deadliest elbow KOs in his highlight reel. Sean Fagan even once thought he literally killed his opponent in the ring with a spinning elbow.

In the video below, Chris Mauceri is interviewed, analyzed and broken down through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Mental and Technical DNA of an Elite Striker: Chris Mauceri Interview


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