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Confidence is like the ground for a fighter: if it's not there, you can't plant your foot - and you lose all traction. Sean & Paul talk about building self-belief for fighting. . .  Read More
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A classic clash of styles from 2014, this one pits Muangthai the muay khao against Pokkeaw the muay maat. What will win out? Elbows or fists, Muangthai or Pokkeaw. . . Read More
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Churnin' out the classics, the Muay Thai Guys are back! This week, Sean's fight week is recapped, the boys talk about what a KO feels like, and they give their advice on how to make every buck count in
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Home gyms are becoming more and more popular with fitness freaks and exercise enthusiasts. Here's a solid list of essential equipment for your home gym. . . Read More
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It's been a minute, but the Muay Thai Guys are back for their CENTENNIAL EPISODE! Join the boys of Muay Thai for an epic podcast. . .  Read More
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Break through the turtle shell of your defensive opponent with these techniques. . .  Read More
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Well, he did it again, folks - a brutal uppercut knockout earned Sean "Muay Thai Guy" Fagan the dubbya! Read Sean's thoughts on his training and the fight. . .  Read More
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A career-ending injury only comes around once, so there's little chance to prepare yourself for its impact. Author Shannon Hirsch knows too well how brutal a brush with the end can be. . . Read More
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There are few things more jarring to the system than first landing in Thailand and stepping out into the brutal Thai heat. It can put a cramp in the style of any fresh-faced nak muay! Beat the heat (and
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Roaring into Foxwoods on Saturday night was Lion Fight 45! Lucky for Muay Thai Guy fans, resident MTG photog Walt Zink caught all the action on camera. . . Read More
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