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What truly makes a fighter great is heart and relentless drive to keep going - an endless endeavor to persevere. Filipino-Danish wrecking machine Ole "Iron Fist" Laursen pursues greatness with the same dogged determination with which he fights. . . Read
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Alex Silva was born two months premature and was bullied in school for his smaller stature. He was not born powerful, nor particularly physically gifted. Instead, Alex Silva had to earn his accolades the hard way. Read More
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WHAT I WISH I KNEW BEFORE MY SMOKER The idea of stepping into the ring in whatever capacity is something so foreign to fresh newcomers to Muay Thai. It’s one that I never thought that would happen, and here
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3 WAYS MUAY THAI TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE  A lot of people approach me and ask questions like, “What’s it like to do Muay Thai?” or “What can Muay Thai do for me?” I never know exactly how to answer.
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HOW (& WHY) ROYAL BLOOD SPILLED OVER A ROSE [caption id="attachment_12695" align="alignright" width="355"][/caption] November 4, Madison Square Garden, UFC 217. On a night of regicidal chaos, a powerful and seemingly invincible queen fell. Joanna Jędrzejczyk was knocked to
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Unleashing Your Beast Means Answering "Why?" The dominant, unshakable athlete. The one that shines brighter than the spotlight itself. Not afraid to let it all hang out and take risks in the arena. For us, the admiring amateurs, the
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Rest & Recovery Tips For Exhausted Nak Muay I struggle with rest. I like routine. Regardless of how I feel, my fight camps read like a schedule. My training sessions and meals are planned out perfectly. During fight camp,
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The Reason 'Pitbull' Is Such A Popular Nickname... This summer, Chael Sonnen gave a unique definition as to what makes a fighter during his You're Welcome podcast. He said: Fighting is when it’s hard. Fighting is when that person
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Learning To Harness & Wield Fighting Fears In the sport of Muay Thai or combat sports in general, the spectator sees two fighters against one another. One of the fighters will become the winner, the other the loser. Black
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Daoist Philosophy Can Improve Your Muay Thai Anyone who has trained and fought in Muay Thai knows how important it is to have the right attitude—to be confident, focused, and positive. But this sport can be challenging and stressful.
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I’m Sean Fagan – just a normal dude who is severely addicted to Muay Thai. I literally eat, sleep and breathe the sport, and I don’t know what I’d be doing with my life without it. My goal is to become a professional champion and fight the best in the world. During my career, I hope to help spread the word of this beautiful sport and inspire other people to pursue their dreams!Read more...

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