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GEAR Q&A: HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR EQUIPMENT In order to train Muay Thai, you will need to have gear, the quality of which will have a huge impact on your training. Whether you have difficulty deciding which is best,
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Annihilate The Heavy Bag!   The heavy bag is undoubtedly an important piece of training equipment. Bag exercises not only build up endurance and strength, but hone technique and help one develop and perfect combinations. There are many useful
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  "The Best Punching Bag I've Ever Used" [caption id="attachment_11005" align="alignright" width="296"] The author with his home tire bag.[/caption]   I’ve used many punching bags: Thai bags, teardrop bags, even those old-school Century dummies. It wasn’t until a trip
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Pros And Cons Of The LightSpeed Bag Evaluating and reviewing training equipment can be looked through the same lens which one looks at a fighting technique. There are things that a technique is and isn't, the same with any
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I've held a countless number of rounds for my training partners throughout my career. I've also kicked, knees, punched and elbowed a wide variety of Thai pads throughout my 20+ fights.  With my fair share of experience both hitting and holding Thai
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muay thai training equipment reviews
Reviews On My Favorite Muay Thai Gear, Apparel and Equipment I’d Personally Recommend Figuring out what type of Muay Thai training equipment to buy can be a major pain in the ass. With so many awesome Muay Thai brands from
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Customized Shorts, Fast Delivery and Top Quality Gear Lets face it, if you are like every other nak muay, chances are you want your own customized muay thai shorts and training equipment. I feel so much cooler since I’ve
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muay thai packing list for thailand
The best ideas for muay thai presents for fans and fighters Muay thai gifts are always on the top of my wish list whether it’s my birthday, Christmas and even Valentines Day. There is no present you can get an
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My Personal Review On The Elevation Mask Does the Elevation Mask actually work? Should I buy the Elevation Training Mask 2.0? Is it worth the money? Or is it a total rip off? The elevation training mask 2.0 has
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fight dentist custom mouth guards
What Type Of Mouth Guard Should You Get? Check Out The Best Custom Mouth Guards For Comfort, Protection and Breathing Custom mouth guards are by far the best, safest and most comfortable type of mouth guards you can buy
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