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THE CROATIAN COP ROUTS THE AXE MURDERER On April 28th, 2002, Mirko Cro Cop vs. Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva gave us one of the most intense stare downs in the history of combat sports and delivered on one
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WHEN A CROATIAN COP MET AN AXE MURDERER More than 15 years ago at PRIDE 20: Armed and Ready, two of the most destructive individuals ever fought one another in PRIDE for the first time. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipiovic
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HOW (& WHY) ROYAL BLOOD SPILLED OVER A ROSE [caption id="attachment_12695" align="alignright" width="355"][/caption] November 4, Madison Square Garden, UFC 217. On a night of regicidal chaos, a powerful and seemingly invincible queen fell. Joanna Jędrzejczyk was knocked to
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BREAKDOWN: Petrosyan Douses 'Iron' Mike's Fire The early 2000s were a magical time for kickboxing. K-1 was still at its peak, having launched many a storied career and hosted some of the greatest fights we have ever seen in
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2 Ways To Douse Explosive Opponents' Fire When your opponent takes a step forward, and then another, followed by another, until you’re pushed up against the ropes taking body shots and knees, to the point where you’re essentially laying
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Technique: Huge Hook KO Set Up By Probing Jab Oh, the jab. What a simple yet deadly tool, especially when paired with a lead hook. The jab has many variations: the power jab (beloved by Jack Dempsey), the blinding jab,
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Adapt Miguel Cotto's Boxing To Your Muay Thai [caption id="attachment_12333" align="alignright" width="355"][/caption] There is a world of difference between punching and boxing. Any man or woman with fists can throw a punch, but it takes years of training
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Up Elbow KO Earned From Clever Feints Over thousands of years, though technique has evolved, the principles of martial arts have not changed. The principles Alexander used to conquer are the same principles Mayweather used to defeat McGregor. Today,
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Gökhan Saki's Re-Introduction To MMA Is EXPLOSIVE [caption id="attachment_12192" align="alignright" width="350"] Credit: UFC[/caption] Gökhan Saki made his UFC debut on Saturday night, making it the second time the multiple time kickboxing champion has fought under MMA rules - and
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Breakdown & Highlights Of 3 Artfully Violent Fights [caption id="attachment_12101" align="alignright" width="285"] Credit: Lion Fight[/caption] Waiting for kickboxing or Muay Thai events is a bit like watching paint dry, especially since promotions like GLORY are still somewhat budding. Highlights
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