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Confidence is like the ground for a fighter: if it's not there, you can't plant your foot - and you lose all traction. Sean & Paul talk about building self-belief for fighting. . .  Read More
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Thailand - home of the world's greatest boxers? These three two-sport champions make the case. . .Read More
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It's a simple concept, but "the good with the bad" is all you need to know to navigate your life. . . Read More
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Resident photog of glorious violence, Walt Zink, is back with another recap - this time, of Lion Fight 47. . . Read More
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In the Art of Eight Limbs, sometimes two is all it takes. This is how to leave punchers on the canvas. . . Read More
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A streaking talent, a rising star - sidelined by injury. This is the story of British nak muay ying Lisa Brierley. . . Read More
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The inaugural, first-of-its-kind Muay Thai Expo has been met with so much support and adulation that  Read More
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In Muay Thai, there's no getting around it: your shins will be destroyed right from the jump. Here's the good news: they won't stay that way for long. . . Read More
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Ever wonder why tennis players grunt when they serve? For the same reason Buakaw yells every time he strikes: power. . . Read More
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This Friday October 5, the world's first ever Muay Thai Expo launches in Buriram Thailand. . . Read More
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