Catching Up With The Muay Thai Guys in Thailand

Nak Muay Nation Training Camp Talk

Our Training Schedule, Mindset, and Goals For Our Thailand Fight Camps

nak muay nation training camp thailand

Whew! Shit has been CRAZY!

Between traveling to my last Muay Thai Retreat in Costa Rica and then hoping on a plane for a 24-hour trip to join the team at the Nak Muay Nation training camp, it’s been quite a few weeks.

But now that I’m settled in and training alongside my buddy Paul, we are BACK with a vengeance in this weeks podcast to catch up with everything that’s been going on. So give it a listen to hear more about our training schedule and fight plans for the next month!

Click To Listen ===> Catching Up With The Muay Thai Guys in Thailand

Here’s a brief rundown of what we talk about:

  • My experience at the last Muay Thai retreat in Costa Rica.
  • What Paul’s training has been like so far at the Nak Muay Nation Training Camp.
  • How the training at Khongsittha has differed from other Thai gyms we’ve trained at.
  • The team of fighters we are training with and how everyone has sacrificed a ton to be here.
  • What our training schedule has consisted of and how we’ve adjusted to full-time training.
  • Our plans to fight and what we have lined up.
  • Time management vs. self management
  • Balancing our relationships, work and training all at once.
  • And much MUCH more.

Click To Listen ===> Catching Up With The Muay Thai Guys in Thailand

Make sure to check out Paul’s most recent post where he gives a great rundown (along with some sweet videos) of what the Nak Muay Nation training camp has been like so far.

And lastly, follow Thailand Training Camp on Facebook for updates on fights, training footage and more straight from Khongsittha Gym in Bangkok!

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