Video Breakdown – Buakaw: Clinch Entry, Exit & Knee Against Punchers

Buakaw’s Clinch Breakdown and Analysis by Lawrence Kenshin

First and foremost, if for whatever reason you haven’t subscribed to Lawrence Kenshin’s youtube channel or liked his page on Facebook, you’re missing out on the most detailed, informative breakdowns of top kick boxers, MMA fighters and Muay Thai fighters like Buakaw, Saenchai, Giorgio Petrosyan, Tyrone Spong, Samart Payakaroon and many others.

In one of his older Muay Thai breakdowns, he dissected the intricacies of Buakaw’s clinch game and how he used the transitional period into and out of the clinch to take advantage of openings, specifically against punchers.

This video breakdown of Buakaw’s technique in the clinch is one of my favorite videos to date that Lawrence has made because of how clear and concise his analysis is. Since he’s able to walk through the details of how Buakaw is able to utilize certain clinch techniques, I’ve been able to implement them relatively easily into my training and sparring sessions.

If you’re a student of Muay Thai (or combat sports in general) take the 3 minutes to watch his video analysis below:

Buakaw: Clinch Entry, Exit & Knee Against Punchers

Learn anything? Well you should’ve!

Since Lawrence is such a genius when it comes to breaking down Muay Thai techniques, I asked him to create some videos exclusively for my audience.He was able to come up with three amazing breakdowns of:

***The inside elbow techniques of the #1 Pound-For-Pound Fighter Yodsanklai Fairtex***

***Multiple Muay Thai Champion Simon Marcus‘ dominant body positioning and turning inside the clinch.***

***Another great breakdown of Buakaw’s ability to avoid getting punched, enter the clinch, and dominate with brutal knees.***

Medium-Size-eCover-PNGThese additional exclusive videos are only available to those who purchase the “Clinch King” comprehensive video course!

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