Broken Rhythm Low Kick Technique | Advanced Muay Thai Setup

How To Utilize Broken Rhythm Low Kicks To Chop Legs

And off come the training wheels. Broken rhythm is where it all gets nutty.  When it comes to broken rhythm, as with all principles, there are macro examples, think Lyoto Machida’s “slow, slow, blitz“, and micro examples, a punch going from slow to fast.

However, most people consider rhythm synonymous with tempo, and it is, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Going from “body, body, head” to “body, head, body” is broken rhythm, going from “left, left, right” to “left, right, right” is broken rhythm. Broken rhythm is endless, but useless without a rhythm that has already been set.

So, what’s fair game? What is true broken rhythm? Anything that differs from a combination or technique an opponent has been conditioned to react to is broken rhythm. Why is it so important that the opponent be conditioned? Because you’ll know what he expects and how he’ll react. Broken rhythm is playing with expectations and giving you the art of war…deception.

Here’s a micro example of a broken rhythm leg kick demonstrated by Jeff Chan of OAMA/Lin’s Martial Arts:

The technique demonstrated in the above video is a much speedier variation of the low kick and, as you may expect, all techniques ranging from the jab to the spinning hook kick, have multiple variations with changes all varying in subtlety. There are blinding jabs and there are power jabs, there’s the Taekwondo variation of a spinning hook kick and there’s the Capoeira variation.

Below is a breakdown of Joanne Calderwood by Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown and her use of the “cut kick”:

Joanne Calderwood: Kicking A Puncher In MMA

Remember, by utilizing broken rhythm you’re multiplying the amount of variables your opponent has to consider. This will be bothersome…imagine trying to remember trying to memorize a phone number while having someone shout numbers in your ear, the shouting will take your mind off what you’re supposed to pay attention to thus you’ll be unable to perform.

The same is true of fighting as it is of memory. We can only respond to what we pay attention to. Increase the variables and paying attention becomes exponentially more difficult.

But, say what if…you wanted to further multiply the variables? A single kick can have dozens of variations, combine that with different footwork and you’ve got more than enough (understatement) to confuse, but…add on combos? Well…then, you sir, have just thrown your opponent into a black hole:

Enter Stay Fly Muay Thai

Muay Thai Low Kick Combos, Tips And Setup

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