Sam-A’s Savage Leg Kick & Destructive Knees

The power of a leg kick has been compared to being struck with a home-run swing.

In the video below, you will see what a well-timed leg kick can do to a man. Sam-A‘s opponent is left stumbling all over the place and trying to find his balance while hellfire in the form of kicks, knees and punches rain down upon him. Frequently, if a leg kick was just fired, you can be sure a head kick is in the chamber.

How did Sam-A land such a devastating kick that led to insane combinations? Trickery and timing.

One of the first things Sam-A does in the clip is that he draws a check from his opponent. Sam-A is able to trick his opponent into standing temporarily on one leg, then he proceeds to attack and off-balance him with punches. Sam-A then knows that his opponent must bring his leg back down to stabilize and defend. And this is precisely when Sam-A kicks.

The results, as you can see in this Evolve MMA video, are devastating:



Rear Leg Kicks

What’s more fun than kicking someone’s leg is kicking someone’s rear leg, which is still a leg… You get my point.

How many times have you been kicked in your rear leg? I thought so.

This is a technique your opponent will not see coming and, most likely, will not have even trained for. Is there a better type of technique you can ask for?


3 Muay Thai Rear Leg Kick Setups


Sweep KO

Perhaps a leg kick isn’t fun enough for you. Then maybe a sweep is exactly what you need.

You won’t be chopping your opponent’s leg into the void but you may just send their consciousness into another dimension by ragdolling them and dropping them on their head.

Let’s see how this is done through the eyes of  the great striking analyst, Lawrence Kenshin:


Moments of Brilliance: Saenchai’s Sweep KO



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