“The Sweet Science Within The Art of Eight Limbs”

boxing for muay thai video course

We all know how deadly Muay Thai can be.

The knee, elbow and kick techniques are proven to be some of the most effective strikes in all of martial arts, but since it’s easy to fall in love with these “six limbs”, we can easily overlook the finer details when it comes to sharpening our boxing skills.

Boxing has always been a HUGE part of kickboxing in Asia and Europe, and more recently boxing has become more prevalent in the western Muay Thai world. Fighters like Ramon Dekkers, Nieky Holzken, Rayen Simson, Joseph Valtellini and many others, have proven the eficacy of boxing in Muay Thai and the kickboxing world.

We must adapt to the evolving times by sharpening our hands if we want to succeed in any striking art. With promotions like GLORY, Bellator and K-1 providing the biggest paychecks and the most exposure for strikers, it’s critical that we improve our boxing skills.

Using boxing can play a massive role in defeating more experienced opponents too.

longguardefendFor instance my training partner Chris Mauceri who is a veteran of GLORY, K-1 and Lion Fight, was able to defeat Thai champion Coke Chanuwat who had 10x more fights than he did… and this was primarily because of his superior boxing skills.

When it comes to my personal experiences, I LOVE using my boxing to go for the knockout. Ever since I started training I was able to use my heavy hands to finish a number of fights.

One of the best examples is when I won my first championship title at Madison Square Garden. It was an epic 5th round TKO against a super tough opponent and it was one of the best experiences of my life, and that was all thanks to my hands and crisp boxing skills.

On the other side of the coin, Golden Gloves finalist and creator of Muay Thai Athlete, Paul “The Reaper” Banasiak, loves uses his superior boxing skills to setup knockouts with his other six limbs. His boxing combinations and technical skills set up openings in his opponents guard so he can land killer elbows, kicks and knees to finish the fight.

From the fundamentals to the finer details, from the drills and exercises to the fight strategies and tactics, our number one mission for this epic video course is to help you with your Muay Thai training by increasing your boxing skills and increasing your fight IQ.

We’re going to share our experiences and our knowledge along with the training methods and drills that we’ve learned throughout our fight careers to help you with yours.

So get take a peak at some of the content you’ll find inside, let us know what you think, and make sure to check out the BEST boxing course on the web!

It’s been months in the making, but we are finally nearing the official launch (Monday, August 29th) of the comprehensive course, Boxing For Muay Thai.

Tseanpaulb4mtposingake a sneak peak at the comprehensive video course that will be released on August 29th created by myself, Sean Fagan and Muay Thai Athlete, Paul Banasiak.

Inside the course you’ll find over 3+ hours of content inside 50 videos helping you sharpen your boxing for Muay Thai technique including:

* Boxing vs. Kickboxing vs. Muay Thai stance breakdown
* Detailed instruction on the fundamentals of boxing
* Key differences between punching in a Muay Thai or MMA fight compared to a normal boxing bout
* Partner drills to sharpen reaction time, hand speed and defensive techniques.
* Solo drills to tighten up your boxing technique and develop crisp striking skills.
* Effective fight and sparring strategies to implement right away to start dominating your opposition.
* Defensive maneuvers and techniques to counter your opponents and avoid getting KO’ed

And much, MUCH more!

Learn the finer details of boxing for Muay Thai from two guys who live, eat and breathe the sport. With a combined 10 championship belts and over 50 fights, Sean and Paul want to show you what they’ve learned throughout their careers.

Sign up for a special launch discount AND a free video highlighting 3 proven KO punch techniques.

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