BOOST Natural Punching Power

5 Ways To Deliver Stronger, Better Punches

Jack Dempsey’s trademark thunderous power.

Your body is like a whip, as much a kinetic chain as a physical one. Your power comes from the ground: your foot pivots and points forward, your hip turns over, your shoulder slings forward, your arm darts ahead, and for the final step, your fist tightens, forming the ball of your ball and chain.

Each link connects beautifully, and the chain comes together to swing its wrecking ball into your opponent. But if one single link breaks from the chain, you get something hideous. Your form looks bad, your balance is thrown off, and maybe you’re even knocked out.

We’re here to prevent that. I present to you Evolve MMA‘s tips on increasing your punching power. After that, I will supplement the video with an analysis on the world’s most famous punchers.


“Punchers are made; not born.”

The above quote, from power punching boxing legend Jack Dempsey, is a little confusing: aren’t punchers born? Freddie Roach says so – he supports the idea that people are either gifted with punching power at birth or not at all. Even Joe Louis considered himself a natural-born puncher. Who could say something so blasphemous?

As Dempsey writes in Championship Fighting (which everyone should read):

“…exploding body weight is the most important weapon in fist-fighting or in boxing.”

It’s a simple equation. If you can put your body weight into a punch, you can put your opponent out. But how do you put your body weight into a punch?

Your head.

Stand in your stance and move your head so that it’s in line with your lead foot. Make sure to pivot your foot, turning your hip and shoulder as you would if punching. If you hold it long enough, you will feel a slight soreness.

To generate massive amounts of power, you will move your ball and chain through the regular motions (foot pivot, hip turn, shoulder sling, darting arm, and tightening fist as stated in the opening sentences), but you will also make sure that your head is moved in line with your rear foot. This is how you generate power.

Current MMA greats like Conor McGregor do it. Current Muay Thai legends like Buakaw do it. All-time greats and legendary boxers like Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson have definitely done it. There is no coincidence to any of this – it’s just the right way to punch.

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