Block and counter your opponent – that’s where the perpendicular roads of offense and defense cross. Norasing Lukbanyai shows five block-and-counter combinations. . .¬†


Fighting is based on the ebb and flow of offense and defense. But not everyone likes training defense. It’s not as sexy as offense, is it? I’m here to let you know that it can be pretty damn sexy.

Vasyl Lomachenko and Saenchai are perfect examples of that truth in action. When they’re on offense, their opponents feel like they’re being suffocated. When they’re on defense, their opponents feel like they’re fighting ghosts.

One of the reasons these men are both so successful is the way they connect offense and defense. If fighting is an ebb and flow between offense and defense, you must link them together. The most basic way they’re linked is the block-and-counter.

Below we’ll go over more ways offense and defense can be linked, but for now here are five block & counter combinations from¬†Evolve MMA:


Let’s go over two additional ways in which offense and defense are linked.

First, you can combine offense and defense at the same time, like a slip paired with an overhand right. Second, you can move from offense to defense or defense to offense. The first is concurrent, the other is sequential.

Start with sequential. The block-and-counter is the quintessential sequence that people employ. However, what enables the counter to be effective is a strong block. If your balance is shaky when checking a kick, you’ll not only be in a poor position to counter, you may even get knocked back and not even be able to counter.

You know how you can type faster if you actually have your fingers already hovering over the keys you’re going to use? Same principle applies here. If you want to do something quickly, make sure you’re in a good position to do so.

Offense and defense used concurrently can be tricky. It’s not easy to slip and strike at the same time. However, you can build defense into your offense. For instance, make sure to move your head off line when you’re punching or kicking, or try initiating strikes from a different angle. Anything that puts you in a difficult place to hit while allowing you to hit back hard will work wonders.

Combine aggressive offense & impenetrable defense to operate the perfectly dominant clinch.

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