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Protective Cups – MMA, BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai Groin Protectors

What are the best MMA and muay thai groin protectors to protect your most precious jewels?

That’s the question I asked myself before I bought a protective cup for my MMA, BJJ and muay thai training… but before I did, I knew I had to do my research to make sure I was getting the perfect sport groin cup that was;

  • The best value with a relatively cheap price
  • The best protection
  • Comfortable and durable

So naturally while I was trying to find my own muay thai groin protector, I read plenty of customer reviews and found a lot of useful forum posts. After doing some research, these are my reviews on the best type of boxing, jiu jitsu, MMA and muay thai groin protectors I researched;

Scroll down and check out the top 5 groin protectors you should use for your training! 

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Best MMA and Muay Thai Groin Protectors

Reviews For Combat Sports Protective Groin Cups

Bad Boy Pro Series Steel Cup – $39.99

Bad boy steel cupSteel cups are the traditional muay thai groin protector for thai kick boxers due to the superior protection they offer. Most steel cups can be uncomfortable to wear, but this Bad Boy Steel Cup has great reviews all around!

Customer Reviews:

“Best cup EVER. Doesnt move, Great fit, PROTECTION, PROTECTION, PROTECTION. After your opponent kicks this steel cup, he will think twice before throwing that kick again.”

“Best piece of equipment I have bought. I was affraid that because this is a steel cup that it would be uncomfortable and because it wasnt in a compression short that it would move and be horrible for sparring and grappling. Wow most definitely not the case. It fits perfect great design not only did it never move but I forgot I was wearing a cup.”

Personal Recommendation:

This protective groin cup is the way to go! Not only does it offer the best protection, but it is also comfortable, durable and doesn’t move while sparring or grappling! The value can’t be beaten.

Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts w/Bioflex Cup – $29.99

shock doctor compression shortsIf you are not into the steel cups then compression shorts are usually the best way to go. Shock Doctor Compression shorts and protective cups are relatively cheap, offer solid protection and are easy to wash and take care of.
The only customer complaints had to do with a bad fit, which often has to do with just picking the wrong size. Other than that, it has 4.3 out of 5 stars at MMAwarehouse!

Customer Reviews:

“These shorts are phenomenal. They fit perfectly and doesn’t ride up when moving around. I really like the cup pocket design and the cup stays put during movement.”

“Does exactly what it’s meant to do. The cup could be a little more comfortable, but since when are cups really comfortable at all? Great product that I would recommend to anyone in the martial arts world.”

Personal Recommendation:

You probably would be better off with a steel cup but I’ve used compression shorts in competition and training and they have worked perfectly fine…not to mention it’s a little cheaper than the Bad Boy Steel Cup as well!

Jaco Compression Short and Groin Cup – $39.99jaco compression shorts

Just like most compression shorts, the Jaco brand offers great protection, are relatively comfortable and are easy to wash, wrinkle resistant, practical and durable. Jaco compression shorts and protective cups have great reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) with the only cons being an uncomfortable fit which can often be fixed by picking the right size!

Customer Reviews:

“I’ve been looking at getting these compression shorts for quite some time now, and finally pulled the trigger. I couldn’t be happier…they are extremely comfortable and light, and offer superior protection vs. my other standard cups/jock straps. You can adjust the tightness with the velcro straps to your liking. They look great. They fit nice and snug and don’t move around, will be buying another pair again.”

Personal Recommendation:

Like I said, I’ve used compression shorts in the past and I’ve had no problems with them whatsoever. I have a few training buddies who use this exact type of muay thai groin protector for training and competition and love it! So ultimately, you can’t go wrong!

Shock Doctor Power Supporter w/ Bioflex Cup – $14.99shock doctor jock strap

Jock straps are the old school, classic protective cups that are still super effective in protecting your privates while still being comfortable. This Shock Doctor jock strap and protective cup is comfortable, breathable and very supportive while training, sparring and even competing!

Customer Reviews:

“Not much to really say. I bought this item and yes, it does protect very well. Okay, I did take a hammer to it while wearing it to see how effective it is. After about the 4th or 5th swing, I was very impressed. Didn’t feel any discomfort from impact.”

“This product is great. It protects me well during full contact sparring sessions. I am still able to throw kicks and use footwork without being bothered”

Personal Recommendation:

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned jock strap to protect your junk! It’s super cheap but gets the job done… ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Check out other brands and styles of MMA, jiu jitsu and muay thai groin protectors here!

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