Basic Muay Thai Heavy Bag Combo

Level-Changing Muay Thai Combination

The worst thing you can be in a fight, aside from unconscious, is predictable—and predictability is exactly what gets one made unconscious.

However, you don’t need to be Andy Ristie or any Lucien Carbin protégé to be unpredictable. You only need a few techniques. Today, we present the level change in a beautiful combination.

The level change is a simple tool that maximizes the effectiveness one of the bodies most natural movements: the squat. A squat can give a million variations to techniques as simple as the jab. And if it can give so much to one technique, imagine the potential when it is unleashed in a combination.

The primary asset of the level change is that it gives you control of your opponent’s guard. When you squat low, their hands drop low. When you stand tall, their hands will move up. Attacking the opponent’s entire body means that no part of his body is safe, and if you manage to trick your opponent by, perhaps, attacking high when he expected you to attack low, you’ll get into your opponent’s head.

And it is precisely getting in your opponent’s head that will get you the knockout.

Basic Muay Thai Heavy Bag Combo

The above is one of Tiffany Van Soest’s many tutorials. The below is the demonstration of 5 agility ladder drills which are designed to improve your footwork.

Footwork is another tool for developing unpredictability, and the below video is one tool for developing your footwork:

5 Agility Ladder Drills For Muay Thai

Behold, the power of a single technique made unpredictable. Your ability to remain unpredictable is your ability to remain a victor. The moment your opponent catches on to your techniques is the moment they find a hole in your game.

Discover the recipe of unpredictability with this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Buakaw vs. Nieky Holzken: The Muay Thai Centerline Chain | Lawrence Kenshin

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