Jaffer “Poppa Pump” Panezai Discusses Kyokushin, Work/Life Balance, and Bad Guy Muay Thai

Jaffer landing some hard shots on his opponent at The Warriors Cup in NJ.  Photo Credit: Steve Bauzen

Jaffer landing some hard shots on his opponent at The Warriors Cup in NJ.
Photo Credit: Steve Bauzen

I’ve seen Jaffer in the fight scene here in NY since I first fought on Friday Night Fights. Since then I’ve seen him dominate in the amateur rankings and win a handful of belts along the way. We’ve always had the same type of mindset when it comes to training and fighting, and doing this interview with him reinforced why I felt that way.

Jaffer not only wants to be the best fighter he can be, but he wants to be the best coach, cornerman, and human-being he can be. We talk about how he started the brand “Bad Guy Muay Thai” to help sponsor upcoming fighters who show potential inside and outside the ring as well as a ton of other interesting topics including:

  • The pros and cons of starting with Kyokushin Karate and other martial arts before fighting Muay Thai.
  • Keys to balancing running a business, training for a fight, training clients and everything else going on a day to day basis.
  • How scheduling helps keep him focused and more productive with his work and training.
  • The benefits and disadvantages of being his own coach/manager and how he goes about setting up fights for himself.
  • Why he enjoys coaching and cornering, and how having direct experience is important for being a great cornerman.
  • The difficulties he faces when cutting weight and how it’s been a major challenge for him throughout his career.
  • How he is able to stay mentally strong while eating a clean diet during fight camp and stay disciplined to his diet.
  • Why his girlfriend has been a huge factor in his success inside and outside the ring.
  • How doing visualization has helped him relieve anxiety and stress before a fight.
  • What the goal of the Bad Guy Muay Thai brand (check out the store here) and how he wants to help fighters chase their dreams and improve their fight game.
  • bad guy muay thai clothing shirts and hats

    Gary and Jaffer rockin’ bGMt clothing at a rules meeting for Friday Night Fights

    How to get involved with Bad Guy Muay Thai and what type of fighters/people he is looking to sponsor with his brand.

  • Why we both have man crushes on Joseph Valtellini and how he is a prime example for what type of fighters Bad Guy Muay Thai is looking for.

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