My interview with guys from the Bad Guy Muay Thai podcast

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Me, Jaffer and Amin of Bad Guy Muay Thai

The guys at Bad Guy Muay Thai have been putting together an awesome new podcast that I’ve been fortunate to be featured in for their 7th episode.

Not only are they cool enough to have me on the show, but they also have experts from all different spectrums of the fitness and nutrition community. From kettle bell experts, to martial arts journalists and more, make sure you subscribe to their podcast if you want to learn more from top professionals in their respective fields!

Check out the interview I did with the guys about my journey to Thailand and what I plan on doing during my stay there! I had fun listening in to it, so I hope you do too. Enjoy!

If you want to help support the Bad Guy Muay Thai brand, click here to find out more!

Also make sure to subscribe to their podcast!

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