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Aspirations of a Nak Muay

By Travis” The Hoodlum” Lerchen

Growing up as children we have all aspired to be something. Whether it be a fireman, doctor, or a teacher. At one point we had a dream of being what in our minds we thought to be great. For most of us we had our parents telling us the same line, “you can be what ever you want to be if you grow up, as long as you put your mind to it”. No one would have thought that we as Nak Muay would have gone down the path we did.

For one reason or another we all share this bond, we chose the path of a Nak Muay. We, at one point or another, looked upon this sport and made the life changing decision that this was who we were, this is what we were going to do and at no point was anyone going to tell us anything different.

In my eyes we didn’t choose this sport, this sport chose us.

Travis Lerchin fightWe all have our reasons, and many of you reading this will think back to that day, that day where it hit us, that this was the path in life we were going to take. From that point on, we aspired to mold and shape ourselves into the best we could be.

We all had a dream, the same dream, that when the dust had cleared on our battle field that we would stand victorious with championship gold around our waist, and nothing in this life or the next could stop us.

For some of us we have reached that dream, others are still chasing that dream, and for the unfortunate few, they gave up on the dream and have either left this sport we love, or have stayed a part of it one way or another.

We still aspire to be great, and with that aspiration we all think to ourselves…

What will it take? To what limit will I have to go to achieve glory? How far mush I push myself?

You must push. Push until your legs give out, and even then when you feel as though you cannot throw another kick, get up and throw ten more.

You cannot quit. The pain of training is temporary, at the end of this pain you are one step closer to success.

You cannot give up on yourself because you are tired. Tired is an excuse we have all used at one time or another, you aren’t going to die, you have to give it everything you’ve got.

We will bleed and sweat, question ourselves to the point where we may quit and give up because its just too much. To be a champion we must stop being afraid and get back to it, nobody is going to spoon feed you victory, we have to reach out and take it, by force. We chose this journey, combat at its purest form, one on one, hand to hand, now who will have the heart to finish on top? Is it you?

We have to push ourselves so that when our body is weak and tired, our minds and hearts will carry us to victory. If you do not aspire to be great you will never reach greatness, you will only be mediocre. We don’t have mediocre dreams – we have dreams of greatness! It is up to us to turn that dream to reality, and that will happen one step at a time, threw our actions, and we start in the gym.

If we want to be the best, we have to beat the best.

If we want that dream to come to life we must be ready to take the hits. We must be better than we were yesterday and strive to be the best. You have to fight your way to the top, climb your way out of hell one day at a time, put yourself to the test, fight yourself and beat yourself. Once you are victorious over yourself, you need to be willing to stand toe to toe with what could be your demise, and until you achieve this you will never know if your dream is going to become reality.

Think like a champion and fight for that inch. The guy in the ring who is willing to die, is the one who will be a champion. Put it all on the line right now and tell yourself that no matter what obstacle is in front of you, whether its Joe Schilling, Georgio Petrosyan, or God himself, you will not fail. This is your moment and at no point will you give him rest. You will push until you lay exhausted on the ground, giving everything you have, because you will NOT give up on your aspirations of greatness.

Travis Lerchin muay thai

Start today, not tomorrow not next week, start right now, right here. I challenge you to achieve your aspirations. You started this journey, you accepted this lifestyle, now it’s time to live in this moment and achieve what you have dedicated so much time to. Greatness and victory is at the end of your kick. Will you go the extra mile to obtain it?

Travis Lerchen is a professional muay thai fighter training out Sityodtong Ct / Thornton Martial Arts. He’s scheduled to fight for the WKA title against Cyrus Washington on December 13th for Take On Productions.

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