Are You A “Social Media Superstar”?

If you’ve been training Muay Thai for a decent amount of time, chances are you know one of these people.

These are the people that usually stroll in late to class, chat up everyone while they’re supposed to be either listening to the trainers or doing a drill, and occasionally hit you with the;

“Yo, man, can you record me hitting the bag?”

Then snake their way out of class early, skipping all the important drills (read: difficult), because they “have things to do”.

Sure enough, you see a 30-second video of them on all of their social media accounts, with the following caption: “Trained hard for 3 hours today! Ready to kick down some banana trees next!”

Yup, that’s the social media superstar.

They capitalize on the fact that some people believe what they see on social media to be authentic and 100% true, not realizing that social media only shows a small side of someone’s life. Sure, they kicked the bag… for the video… and that’s probably all they did while everyone else trained for three hours.

They feed off the likes and naivety of those who don’t know any better. But people who are at the gym with them know the truth.

So why the discussion about these social media superstars?

So they post videos of themselves, who cares? I do that, too! There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with posting up videos of yourself training and fighting, especially if you put in the work. People will know you put in the work. But if all you did was act really tough for the camera, the only person you’re kidding is yourself.

Working hard is a habit, and habits are things you do almost every day. If you do something every day, it should be normal and not out of the ordinary, so why make all the fuss about how “much” you did that day?

If you go to school every day for 7 hours, you wouldn’t make a post about that. Sure, Muay Thai is not something everyone does and does have a “wow” factor to them. But there is almost nothing that will make someone from the gym roll their eyes faster than to see that guy post about “how hard” they’ve been working while in reality, the people who actually put in the work are still busy working and not making a bunch of bullshit posts to impress people.

Besides the fact that they don’t understand the inherent value and reward of putting in 100% effort and bettering yourself, these social media superstars are not well-liked at the gym.

The trainers usually don’t like training them because they;

  1. Have to train people who actually want to learn.
  2. Find it difficult to invest in someone who does not care on bettering themselves.
  3. Constantly have to deal with the “I wanna fight! Put me in, coach!” conversation, and then have to hear some made up excuse about how they can’t do it.
  4. Feel like their time is being wasted when they have to deal with stupid questions about doing flashy/spinning techniques.

Other people training at the gym don’t like this social media superstar because;

  1. He/she skips out on drills and they’re left without a partner for the better half of the class.
  2. He/she bothers them to take videos or pictures while they want to hit the bag or do other training and
  3. He/she is just straight up annoying, especially when they get tagged in unwanted content on social media. Promoters for shows don’t like this guy because he/she says they want to fight and then pulls out with some lame excuse.

Bottom line: Don’t be a social media superstar. Don’t be that person. Keep training, work hard, and stay humble.

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Angela Chang
Plant-based fighter, foodie, and aspiring physical therapist. Angela is currently living in Bangkok and training full time.

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