Thailand Training Camp: Angelica Olivares’ First Fight Without Gear

Angelica’s 1st Fight in Thailand

She is ready.

When you train 3 times a day for weeks in one of Bangkok’s top gyms, it is impossible not to be ready. However, even the best fighters get nervous. Even one of the hardest working fighters and all time great of MMA, George St. Pierre, often admits to being afraid before a fight.

Angelica is nervous before her fight, but that is good. It is better to be nervous before a fight and calm during than to be calm before a fight and nervous during. Familiarity fixes fear, and Angelica is familiar with her nerves. She has encountered it many times before. She even feels nervous prior to simple sparring. However, she’s never even laid eyes on her opponent. Many of her prior opponents were a head taller than she was.

What if this one was two heads taller? Could there have been a mistake? Before a fight, many fighters take a peek at their opponents to remind themselves that their opponents are human. But if you’ve never seen your opponent before, what do you do? Doesn’t matter.

She has spent weeks training 3 times a day at Khongsittha, one of Bangkok’s top gyms.  No matter who she is facing, she is prepared.

She is ready.

Angelica loves her leg kicks; therefore, a 3rd round TKO via leg kicks is about as satisfying to her as a mouse is to a snake.

During the weeks training in Khongsittha, the Krus noticed her love of leg kicks. Wisely, they decided to maximize her strengths. Her 3rd round TKO was proof of Khongsittha’s ability to maximize a person’s strength and have it maintained throughout an entire fight. When her opponent began fading, Angelika pushed her further. When her opponent attempted to bull rush her, she played the matador.

Her hard work and dedication earned her a TKO victory—and it also earned her winning a one-month sponsorship.

Angelica marched through the fears, stresses, and anxieties of fight day and all the weeks of training leading up to it. However, she did not crumble under the pressure. She took all of the days of blood, sweat, and tears and turned them into an experience of a lifetime. An experience you may partake in too.

The next Nak Muay Nation Training Camp will take place from the beginning of July until the end of August. Each month will have a western coach leading the training and standing in your corner should you choose to fight. You will get to experience all of Muay Thai in its purest forms. You will watch fights ranging from those of Buakaw’s promotion Super Muay Thai to the fights in the legendary Rajadamnern and Lumpinee stadium. And you will, of course, be training with the best coaches and the most passionate Nak Muays from around the world. It is the experience of a lifetime.

Are you ready?

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to

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