Andy Tiet’s Discovering the Real Thailand: Episode 1

Episode 1: Muay Thai Gyms, Elephant Polo, and Rajadamnern Stadium

Sponsored by Sean Fagan, Andy Tiet is in Thailand for the World Wai Kru ceremony.

He will visit many of Thailand’s most important historical sights like Ayutthaya, Thailand’s Temple City, and he will also visit some of Muay Thai’s most important locations such as Rajadamnern Stadium and Banchamek Gym to train and even spar with the world’s most famous Muay Thai fighter of all time, Buakaw.

In this first episode, Andy explores his hotel and glimpses just how far Muay Thai extends into the culture of Thailand. When exploring his hotel, he finds a boxing ring right next to the tennis courts at the rooftops. Evidently, Muay Thai demands to be trained everywhere in Thailand, even in hotels.

But all this is merely a glimpse as to what is in the first episode. For a look at all the beauty of Thailand, check out the video below:

Andy Tiet’s Discovering the Real Thailand: Episode 1

There are more ways to explore Muay Thai in Thailand than simply Muay Thai gyms.

The culture of Thailand is weaved completely through Muay Thai; therefore, by exploring the various aspects of Thailand, you are indirectly exploring and learning about Muay Thai. However, that doesn’t mean that exploring Muay Thai gyms is any less awesome.

Thailand is filled with amazing fighters and amazing gyms. But, of course, it can be difficult to make the pilgrimage out here. Flying halfway across the world only to land in a country where you don’t speak the language can be a tricky thing. However, it’s never been simpler.

Khongsittha Gym and Nak Muay Nation have teamed up to make coming to Thailand as easy as it can be.

All you need to do is show up at the airport and you will be taken care of. You will be able to experience all of Thailand, watch the fights and the legendary Lumpinee stadium, watch fighters like Saenchai wreck shop, and perhaps you may even receive a seminar from a legend like Saenchai or Petchboonchu.

In short, it’s a trip you will never forget.

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to


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