An Interview With Muay Thai Legend Namsaknoi

My Chat With “The Emperor” Namsaknoi

It still blows my mind that I’m able to sit down and chat with absolute legends of the sport like Namsaknoi. For those of you who don’t know Namsaknoi, here are some of his credentials:

  • 280-15-5 record (95% win percentage)
  • 6-Year reigning Lumpinee champion (longest ever I believe)
  • 2x Fighter of the Year
  • And many other championship titles and accolades

After going through some tough times dealing with the corruption at Por Pramuk gym at the end of his career, Namsaknoi ended up working at Evolve MMA in Singapore for years while saving up money for his family and to open up his own gym one day.

Now with everything in place, he is officially opening up Namsaknoi Gym on Koh Phangan island! I talk with him about his career, his gym opening, and much more. Enjoy!



Make sure to check out his gym if you’re ever on Koh Phangan at

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