An Interview with Dr. Doom, A Gold Medalist Thai Boxer with a PhD

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 56

12187941_10208332222329988_3831653602975182542_nErin Jimenez is a West Coast girl that wanted to be a boxer ever since she was a teenager, but as in many cases she was limited by others, her dream was delayed until she reached the age of 24 before finally stepping foot into a Muay Thai gym.

Now a multiple time World Gold Medalist (two years in a row), a member of the National US Muay Thai team, a scientist with a PhD and one of the boxing prodigies under fiancé Jason Farrell of Level Up Boxing. 

In this week’s podcast, Erin shares her inspiring story of success, once again proving that it is never too late, you are never “too busy” and even when life side lines you, you can make the come back of a life time.

We cover topics including:

  • The Dream of Boxing as a teenager and being limited by family.
  • Finding Muay Thai in the middle of working on her degree – and how she found the balance between the two.
  • Taking 3 losses in a row to start here career and changing gyms.
  • The come back after ACL surgeries to become a world champion two years in a row.
  • Training with an injury, whilst rehabbing and how it affected school and life.
  • Her family’s thoughts when she first got started and how their support for her fighting has changed.
  • Her thoughts about brain trauma after experiencing concussions in the past, being a highly educated individual.
  • Training with Jason Farrell, her fiancé as her coach.
  • And pieces of advice when balancing studies, training, work and life.

We go over these topics in much more depth in this weeks podcast, so be sure to give it a listen!

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