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After a long trip over and catching up on some sleep, Liz and I were finally able to get settled in here in Patong, Thailand!

cafe siam guesthouse patong phuket thailand

Everyone at Cafe Siam has been so friendly and helpful, I’d definitely recommend stopping by!

This is my 3rd trip over to Thailand, and my 3rd time in Patong as well, so I’m already a little over the constant bugging that comes from vendors, massage parlors and tuk-tuks.

However, I am enjoying our little space at the Cafe Siam Guesthouse that happens to be right in the middle of town and a short walk to the beach. The owners Chez and Donna have been so friendly and accommodating, we were so lucky to end up at such a welcoming place.

We are fortunate enough to get help from an old friend Anita who I met when were both at Patong Boxing Gym a few years back. She was able to hook us up with free stay at Cafe Siam in return for my training and fighting under their gym for the month… it’s a great deal!

Our room is small, but has everything we need including a nice sized refrigerator to store water and tasty fruits. The other rooms here at Cafe Siam are amazing! Not to mention the cafe/restaurant below has delicious, healthy foods that I’ve been eating on the regular. If you end up in Patong then you have to swing by Cafe Siam.

nitah muay thai patong thailand dam and sean

Liz’s trainer Dam checking out my sexy looking scar. I think he approves.

As for the training, it’s been great! My trainer Nun has eased me into training and showed me a handful of useful techniques already. Liz has been training with Dam (who I know from Patong Boxing Gym) and she has loved working with him especially since she is relatively new to Thai boxing. The atmosphere of the gym is great and the space they have is even better. It’s super clean, has all the equipment you need and has a nice breeze being on the top of a roof.

That’s about all I have time/energy to write for now, but I encourage you to check out the Nitah Muay Thai Facebook page to get more of an idea for what it’s like there. I will also be posting pictures of the gym and Cafe Siam when I remember to, so stay tuned for that!

Also, I’m starting a blog documenting my journey in Thailand! I did the first one earlier this morning while on Patong Beach, check it out:

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