Advanced Muay Thai Techniques – Tricky Switch Combinations

Muay Thai Strategy – Using The Switch To Land Punches, Elbows and Knees

Most of the time when you switch your feet quickly it’s to throw a switch roundhouse kick, right?

Well, although the switch kick is the most common attack to utilize off of the switched stance, it’s not the only one. If you are able to utilize a mixture of angles and strikes off of a switch you can very easily catch your opponent off guard. Not only that, but chances are your opponent will have no idea what’s coming whenever you switch your feet.

So, instead of getting predictable by constantly throwing one strike (the roundhouse) whenever you switch, why not try adding punches and elbows to the mix? Take a look at some of the advanced Muay Thai techniques in the video below taught by Kru Ray Cole of Khanomtom Muay Thai.

These advanced Muay Thai combos can be highly effective if you are able to perfect the technique and timing of each strike. Adding a variety of switch attacks can open up a ton of different angles on your opponent and make them hesitate whenever you decide to switch.

Learning how to strike from both stances (orthodox and southpaw) can be very beneficial for you since you are basically doubling the amount of angles and strikes you can land. I personally love switching into different strikes because I usually can land strikes at will since my opponent (or sparring partner) is constantly on the lookout for switch roundhouses.

Check out another advanced Muay Thai technique I demonstrate in my Heavy Bag Blueprint video course:

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