Advanced Muay Thai Technique – Stepping Back and Countering

Countering Forward Moving Opponent With Jab, Hooks and Roundhouse

Last week I demonstrated an advanced Muay Thai counter technique very similar to this one. In fact, it’s almost the same exact combo except there is an additional hook in the combination.

It might not seem like much, but if you’re able to give yourself enough space by backing up and simultaneously throwing strikes, then there’s a good chance you can catch your opponent off balance and land a solid roundhouse to finish off the counter combo.

Plus, doing advanced Muay Thai techniques like this is great way to learn how to counter while backing up AND fight from both stances.

Advanced Muay Thai Technique – Version #2

Keep in mind these concepts when drilling this Muay Thai counter technique:

  1. Stay balanced – In order to deliver any power in your counter strikes and set up your final roundhouse kick, you need to make sure you have solid balance while retreating back. If you are having difficulties with this counter combo, then just try practicing the backwards footwork by itself.
  2. Jab down the middle – The purpose of the counter jab is to disrupt your opponents rhythm and forward movement. Will it knock him down? No, definitely not. But hopefully it will snap your opponents head back so you’re able to land the counter hooks right afterwards.
  3. Land the initial 2 hooks with your punching knuckles – What I mean by that is make sure you’re not “slapping” the hook by using the inside of your fist. Take a look at the video and you’ll see how I turn into my hooks so that my palm is basically facing upwards towards the ceiling. This is key because you’ll be landing with your two hardest knuckles to deal more damage AND the circular overhand motion could possibly have a better chance at landing if your opponents guard is low.
  4. Slap with the final right hook – The goal of the final hook is to guide your opponent into your roundhouse while you are stepping off to be almost to the side of your opponent. This will open a better angle for the kick and also help you avoid any counter attacks since you’ll be stepping off to the side of your opponent.
  5. Rinse and repeat – Drill the footwork and the strikes over and over again until it become second nature. Also keep in mind that this is just one of the ways you can throw this advanced Muay Thai technique while moving backwards… so feel free to adjust the technique to whatever you’d.

More technique videos will be released every Friday on my blog and on my Youtube channel. Make sure to  subscribe to my channel for updates on new Muay Thai drills and technique tutorials!

Dig this counter? Then leave a comment below to let me know what you think! Share it with your training partners and trainers so you can drill it during your next workout session.


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