Advanced Muay Thai Technique – Hook, Double Step Low Kick Setup

Tricky Low Kick Setup Off The Liver Punch

Powerful striking is weight transfer. Sure, you don’t need to be Mike Tyson in order to knock opponents out, but proper weight transfer isn’t purely for an offensive technique, it can be defensive as well.

A properly executed strike has built in defense. Take for instance a roundhouse kick, your arms assist not just with the swing but they also act as a barrier between you and the opponent. If he attempts to punch you, your arms are there to parry. If he attempts to push forward, your arms are there to push him back or push off him in order to move back faster. If he catches your kick, your arms are there to punch and melt his face.

A well executed strike should put you in a position to flow effortlessly into the next technique, be it defensive (notice Jeff’s exit after the low kick) or offensive, that’s what the hook is meant to do for the low kick, and that’s what the double step does for the hook.

If we’re going to learn about hooks and low kicks, who better than Mr. Perfect himself to learn from? Ernesto Hoost is the best example of ebbing and flowing between hooks and low kicks. His set ups are beautiful, devastating, and seamless.

If you want a case study of brilliance and a blue-print on weight transfer, then Ernesto Hoost is your man and this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown is your guide:

Ernesto Hoost: Devastating Weight Transfer Knockouts

Now that you have the low kick and weight transfer in check, let’s move up a bit and target livers. The goal is to give their livers a kicking (or punching) that a lifetime of alcoholism can’t.

The liver shot and low kick are perfect pairings and the weight transfer between the two is as congruent as it gets.

Liver Shot Punch Technique | How To Set Up The Liver Punch Knockout

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