Advanced Muay Thai Low Kick Combination

Broken Rhythm – Advanced Low Kick Combination

Oh the lovely, so lovely, low kick. The thudding slam of the shin digging into  your opponent’s thigh…it’s a lot of fun, I must say. Not fun for your opponent though, which should make it doubly fun for you. However, as great as a low kick is, on it’s own it’s nothing but a tool to get your leg broken. This is a principle that applies to all strikes: A strike in isolation is useless.

But what abut when you take something as lovely as the low kick and friend it up with a few punches and a sprinkle of nifty little footwork tricks? It cannot be denied, you sir, have a nice recipe for pain (demonstrated by Jeff Chan of OAMA/Lin’s Martial Arts):

Advanced Muay Thai Low Kick Combination | Broken Rhythm Setup

Footwork is the bridge that connects you and the opponent, bad footwork means a broken or damaged bridge, good footwork means you’ve got yourself a Golden Gate Bridge. Footwork is what allows you to achieve the ultimate goal of fighting: to hit and not get hit.

Despite your best intentions, however, the opponent may have a few tricks up his sleeve to thwart your own footwork. Jolly bad, I must say. What’s a man to do? Simple, use safety nets. An example of a safety net is the double step, you can advance rapidly or slowly (you can choose the pace so you control the rhythm, thus setting up easy deception) and you can change directions (giving you opportunity to bail should you choose to do so.

To see this technique in action (and to see it broken down) please take a peek at the video below, demonstrated by Jeff Chan of OAMA/Lin’s Martial Arts:

Muay Thai Double Step Low Kick – Advanced Footwork Technique

Most men who fight are aggressive (I worked that out myself, no big deal), and as such, their preference is to move forward. Aw, shucks. If you’re an aggressive man too then what are you to do? Easy, strike while moving backwards. And yes, easier said than done. However, if you can do it…that puts you in rare company.

You’re opening yourself up to an entire world of new strikes that compound on your already existing arsenal. To start you off I suggest an appetizer, the backslide low-kick broken down courtesy of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Backslide Low-Kick ft. Ernesto Hoost & Daniel Ghita 

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