Advanced Muay Thai Kick To Punch Combination

Setting Up A Punch With A Body Kick

Fighting is about counters and more counters.

There is a deep pool of techniques, and from this pool of techniques, we string together combinations. For each technique, there is a counter, and to that counter, there is another counter still. The ever growing flow chart will remain ever growing. However, in this land of infinite option, statistical reasoning may be the best option at our disposal.

Renowned BJJ coach John Danaher, notable for training Chris Weidman and George St. Pierre, likes to train with high-frequency techniques. I find it suitable that the same is done with Muay Thai. When you kick, what is likely to happen? If the opponent were to counter, he may just try to punch you. If he wants to punch you, he must move forward, and that is when you counter his counter with a punch.

Your kick comes first, the opponent counters with a punch, you have the idea of a punch in mind long before he threw his, so you remain one step ahead and land this punch before your opponent could land his. Counters and more counters.

Advanced Muay Thai Kick To Punch Combination

What good is a counter if you cannot execute? Fighting is a combination of doing as much as it is thinking, but thinking is meant to facilitate doing. This is where drills come in. If you want to build those reactions, those flow charts, drills are the way to go.

Muay Thai Sparring Drill – 3 for 1 Counter Combos

The essence of this kick to punch is to bait. Why else follow up a kick with a punch? If the essence of this technique is baiting, then we need to learn the principles of baiting through the eyes of  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Samart: Master Of Deception – The Great Bait

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